ATV Information

Changes coming in 2015: snowmobile registrations and trail passes

2013 Wisconsin Act 142 takes effect July 1, 2015. Provisions include:

  • $30 for a three-year registration.
  • purchase and display of an annual trail pass required to use public trails.
  • a $20 savings off the standard $30 trail fee for members of both a local club and the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs.
  • Nonresident trail passes will increase from $35 to $50.

All snowmobiles operating in Wisconsin will now be required to display a Wisconsin trail pass (purchased separately from snowmobile registration).

The annual (yearly) Wisconsin trail pass will be available to members who belong to both a snowmobile club and the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC) for $10.00 through the AWSC office in DeForest Wisconsin for each of your Wisconsin registered snowmobiles.  Snowmobile owners who don’t hold membership in these groups will pay $30.00 for the required Wisconsin trail pass through the DNR.

Non-residents may purchase a discounted trail pass if the snowmobile is registered in Wisconsin and they belong to a snowmobile club and the AWSC.

Revenue generated from the sale of snowmobile registrations and the Wisconsin trail pass will be deposited into the state snowmobile segregated fund, which is used to pay snowmobile clubs to maintain and develop the trails.  Wisconsin trails are made possible by snowmobile club volunteers who provide the labor to brush, sign and groom the trails and the landowners who allow trails to cross their property.

Residents of owners of snowmobiles 35 years old and older can be registered as antiques.

Three miles east of Almena at 8 3/4 Street North, there is a 30 acre intensive use area for ATV’s (playground).  This facility has a 3 acre parking lot, with a loading ramp, large shelter, picnic tables and permanent restrooms. The ATV intensive use area remains open through the winter, gates at each end of the area are closed but road routes can be used.

What’s New?

Several changes to the ATV/UTV laws have occurred over recent years. Here’s a brief synopsis of the most recent law changes. 

  • Children under age 12 may operate an ATV or UTV on any private property if accompanied by an adult designated by the parent or guardian.
  • Children between the ages of 12-15 must be accompanied by an adult designated by the parent or guardian when riding on designated road routes. The child still needs safety certification and the accompaniment requirement doesn’t apply to off-road trails or while crossing roads.
  • ATV Safety Certification is not required during certain ATV or UTV demonstration events.
  • There is no longer a 10 mph speed limit while riding on ATV/UTV road routes when within 150 feet of a dwelling or within 100 feet of a person not operating a motorized vehicle, unless required by a local ordinance. Please check for local regulation. These speed limits are still in place while operating on an off-road trail.
  • ATVs and UTVs are clearly required to be commercially manufactured and designed by a manufacturer. No homemade vehicles can be registered.
  • Machines that otherwise meet the ATV definition (specifications), except that they exceed the ATV weight limit may be registered as a UTV if they weigh between 900 and 2000 lbs.
  • In addition to low-pressure tires, ATVs and UTVs can legally be equipped and operated with non-pneumatic tires.
  • The UTV definition no longer requires seating for at least two people.
  • ATV and UTV weights shall be considered in terms of dry weight.